Rail Transit Openings in North America
Updated Through 2010, with additions Dec. 2011 (This page 6/5/2012)
This links page includes all heavy rail transit (HRT), light rail transit (LRT) automated guideway transit (AGT), monorail (MO) and commuter rail (CR) systems currently in operation, with data for all rail transit systems in North America, e.g., Canada, United States and Mexico. The compilations linked here were separated from our earlier tabulations, "U.S. Urban Rail Transit Lines Opened From 1980."
The authors have added commuter rail systems, small-scale heritage tramway ("vintage trolley," VT) systems (e.g. Tampa), and selected intramural transit systems (e.g. Morgantown). The authors have also added annual passenger traffic density statistics and selected historic data.
Data tables are organized by city. We have provided separate files in order to reduce file size and increase user friendliness (all data together is 7+ pages. Some cities and systems have been grouped together because of geographic proximity (e.g. Baltimore and Washington, DC, commuter rail). The files include all modes serving each city or region. Links below are arranged in two groups: by city and by mode.
Information regarding historic rail opening dates in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries is included in the Appendix.
PDF versions are available at the following links (recommended for best printing results):