Special Reports & Older Documents
Publictransit.us is proud to introduce a revamped and reformatted series of “Special Reports” outlining our most recent public transit research and analysis. This page includes links to these documents, as well as older reports we have produced in our first three years of operation. We strongly recommend using the PDF versions of each paper if you wish to print the document; the PDF version retains all original formatting.
Abstracts for each Special Report and Selected Older Documents are listed after the Links Summary below.
UPDATED September 30, 2007. Updated January 17, 2009 to include HTML version of Special Report No. 8, Ottawa Transit Productivity and Bus Rapid Transit.
1.  Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil: An Information Summary
2.  Traffic Density Thresholds for Rail Transit: A Retrospective
3.  The Transit Field of Dreams: If You Provide It, Will They Come?
4.  Supply Side Analysis & Verification of Ridership Forecasts: A Retrospective
5.  Flyvbjerg, Skamris Holm and Buhl: Déjà vu All Over Again?
6.  Portland & Seattle Transit Operating Cost: Alternative Strategies Compared
7.  Transit Traffic Density Series  See Main Traffic Density Page:
8.  Ottawa: Transit Productivity and Bus Rapid Transit
HTML version is now available at the new link below
8.1  Ottawa Transit: The Legend of 10,000 Per Hour
9.  Monorails in Japan: An Overview
10.  Preliminary Patronage Forecast for a Napa/Solano (California) Rail Transit Network
11. Detroit Speedlink (BRT) Regional Transit System Analysis
Link to original Speedink Report:
12.  Los Angeles Subway: Alternative Strategies & Future Transit Improvements
13.  The Rail Economy of Scale Effect (Portland, OR MAX Light Rail)
Impact on Transit Patronage of Cessation or Inauguration of Rail Service