Traffic Density & Related Statistics - High Speed Rail (HSR)
NEW FEATURE! Effective May 31, 2012
Here are links to high speed rail (HSR) traffic density data we have uncovered for selected high speed rail systems, summarized by country.
We will add more data as it becomes available and as we have time to compile it.
World-Wide Summary Data (added 6/1/2012)
We have excerpted data from a 2008 post, 2008 Cox-Vranich Report Supports Revised California High Speed Rail Patronage Estimates (available at for the convenience of readers. This shows various high-speed rail (HSR) systems from around the world, and forecasts for California in order of annual passenger traffic density.
In this compilation, we have deleted the “forecasts” produced by Wendell Cox and Joseph Vranich. We also note that estimated California HSR patronage forecasts are probably on the high side. Because of software issues, this data is only available in PDF format. Full link:
            JAPAN   Through 2010
            SOUTH KOREA  Through 2010
            TAIWAN  Through 2011